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Servicing Canadian Industry Since 1982

About Us

About Us

High Reach Inc. Bare Rentals, Service & Sales

Representing the world’s pre-eminent industrial lifting manufacturers gives High Reach Inc. the products to answer the specific needs of our customers throughout a wide spectrum of applications.

We maintain Canada’s largest and most complete line of Broderson Carry Deck Cranes (capacities from 2½ to 15 tons) and (manufacture here) Orion Heavy Lift Fork Lift Trucks (capacities to 70 tons) and Versa-Lift’s large capacity fork lift trucks (capacities to 140,000 lbs.). Our rental fleet is constantly changing to meet our customers changing demands.

Broderson Manufacturing Corporation Industrial Carry Deck Cranes

Way back in 1982,  High Reach Inc. introduced Canadian Industry to the Broderson line of industrial carry deck cranes and neither of us has ever looked back. Long the innovator in industrial crane design, Broderson cranes feature their now famous conservative engineering and the quality and performance that make them the most-desired industrial crane available.
Pulp & paper, mining, automotive manufacturing and tons of other plants everywhere depend daily on Broderson cranes for their construction, maintenance and production needs. They are an integral part of operations in facilities throughout North America.

Orion Heavy Fork Lift Trucks

High Reach Inc. design and build Orion heavy fork lift trucks right here, in Oakville, Ontario.  With capacities ranging form 60 to 140,000 lbs., Orion fork lift trucks can handle your coils, dies, machinery moves and heavy equipment installations.

Featuring the truly-unique Orion Quick-Change Carriage, you can change from lifting on forks to lifting with the Rigger’s boom attachment in about ten minutes! It’s safer, it’s faster; that means more time spent working (and making money).

Powerful hydrostatic drive makes load handling smooth, and available options like full-function remote control, and custome alterations mean your Orion fork lift truck will be suited to exactly your requirements.

From handling coils in steel mills, heavy equipment warehousing and even dockside work, Orion’s high capacity fork lift trucks are working around the world.

Custom Mobile’s Lift Versa-Lift Fork Lift Trucks

High Reach Inc. are now your exclusive distributor for Custom Mobile Lift, makers of the renowned Versa-Lift extendable frame fork lift trucks. The unmatched accessibility and dexterity of the high capacity Versa-Lift line makes them one of the most desirable fork lift trucks available anywhere, and we ought to know.The ability to retract the counterweight for increased maneuverability coupled with the precise and powerful control of hydrostatic drive, the Versa-Lift line of fork lift trucks are making a name for themselves as industry’s compact workhorses.

A Versa-Lift fork lift truck isn’t some back-forty, jerry-rigged behemoth, it’s a tremendous performer in an incredibly small package. Engineered from the ground up for Safety and Performance, you can trust every single component of the entire Custom Mobile Lift line of fork lift trucks. That’s right. Every, single, component on every single lift.High Reach Inc. invites you to look through our site and to e-mail or call us with any questions you may have. We thank you for your interest and look forward to serving you in the very near future.

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