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Servicing Canadian Industry Since 1982
Model: Orion K100

At only 96" wide and a 134" wheelbase the Orion K90 Series forklift is the most versatile, compact, highest capacity user friendly rigger forklift in its class on the market.

The Orion K series is designed in house using the latest 3D CAD software, our innovative features come from many years of experience from our in house staff and working with our clients from our forklift and crane rental division High Reach Inc.

Features include:
  • 50,000 lbs to 160,000 lbs in lifting capacity
  • Heavy Duty high grade steel frames
  • Hydrostatic or Conventional Transmissions
  • Tier III certified GM LPG engine or Tier III certified Cummins diesel
  • Standard and Customized designs to suit the end application
Equipment Specifications
Max. Capacity 100,000lbs.
Travel Height 118”
Travel Width 95”
Overall Width 96”
Max. Boom Reach Hydraulic stinger 48”>96”
Manual stinger 96">144"
Wheelbase 134”
Drive Tire 48” x 25”
Steer Tire 45” x 12”
Max. Inner Fork Spread 70”
Load Chart K100 Dimensions