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Servicing Canadian Industry Since 1982
Model: Orion K140
The Orion 140K fork lift truck is the thinking man’s preferred versatile, extraordinarily large capacity, fork lift truck.  For picking, placing carrying, uprighting, or laying down the big castings, tanks, dies, weldments, components, presses, or any other big equipment you need to handle, the Orion 140 is the right one. Hydrostatically-driven, the Orion 140 is an incredibly smooth, accurate and powerful, huge capacity lifting machine. Features include:
  • Orion's Quick-Change Rigger's Boom System
  • 5.7 L GM engine
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Hydraulic power fork locators
  • Left or right-hand drive
  • Highback operator suspension seat
  • Digital load scale
  • Available full-function, digital radio remote control
Equipment Specifications
Max. Capacity 140,000 lbs.
Travel Height 118"
Travel Width 102" (avail 96")
Overall Width 228"
Fork Dimensions 96" x 12" x 5.5"
Max. Boom Reach 26'
Wheelbase 150"
Max. Inner Fork Spread 73"
Load Chart Download K-140 Brochure